How to lead a GIG

Come to the Party (5 Sessions in Luke)

Looking directly at stories about Jesus is one of the best ways for our not-yet-Christian friends to "come to the party" for themselves. Invite your friends to have a look at a passage from the Bible and engage in an open discussion...what we in InterVarsity/USA call a Group Investigating God (GIG).

Download the "Come to the Party" Evangelistic Bible Study Guide from Urbana 12. The guide recommends five passages from the book of Luke, as well as a step-by-step guide to leading the study.

The five recommended passages are:

Each PDF above contains the Scripture passage and a Leader's Notes page. You may also download all five sessions in one PDF, including Leader's Notes page.

For tips on leading GIGs and other downloadable studies, visit our GIG page.

You can also join the Come to the Party 2012 Facebook group, where you can ask questions and get advice from other new EBS/GIG leaders who attended Urbana 12.

Have you already lead a study or two from this guide? How did it go? Leave your story or a question in a comment below.


How do I access all nine

How do I access all nine passages?

Oh, you're right. It was a

Oh, you're right. It was a zoomed-in version. I didn't realize. Thanks so much.

The pdf file on here only

The pdf file on here only shows one page, and it's just this:

For more information about leading evangelistic Bible studies see:
• Rebecca Manley Pippert, How to Lead a Seeker Bible Discussion (IVP, 2003)
• John Teter, Get the Word Out (IVP, 2003)

Any way that the pdf of the Bible reading will be uploaded like what was done for John?

A two-page file was uploaded

A two-page file was uploaded and works on my end, so I'm not sure why you can only see half of one page. What browser did you open the file in? I'm wondering if you are seeing a zoomed-in version or something.

Eventually we can also post a new PDF that has the passages typed out on separate pages like we did for John. For now, I'd suggest opening/downloading the file from a different browser or device.