How to share a gospel outline

Watch a walkthrough of The Big Story gospel presentation. This video will show you how to explain this particular outline, as well as how to navigate The Big Story app.
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It can be difficult for Christian colleges to do evangelism when it is presumed everyone is a Christian. In this unique environment, InterVarsity Regional Coordinator Jessica Fick provided a practical way for students and staff at Bethel College to share their faith: the Big Story Gospel Presentation app.
Learn to use Bible "storying" as a means of sharing the gospel with non-Christians so they can understand, apply, and respond.
Telling the Gospel through Story
Jessica Fick, InterVarsity staff in the Great Lakes East Region, gives advice for sharing the gospel without feeling obligated to follow a script in exact order.
Screenshot of InterVarsity Staff Jessica Fick
Jessica Fick, InterVarsity staff in the Great Lakes East Region, offers tips for preparing short testimonies of your daily life that fit into each stage of the Big Story gospel outline.
Screenshot of InterVarsity Staff Jessica Fick
Want to understand the gospel in a fresh way while simultaneously learning a compelling way to share it with others? This book--told as a fictional story--can help you get past the old clichés and simplistic formulas.
True Story
The Big Story is a gospel-presentation tool designed to lead others to make a decision for Jesus Christ and join his mission to heal the world. This article includes a video demo of The Big Story outline using the suggested dialogue and app.
Big Story Gospel Presentation App on iPad
The Bible presents the gospel in many ways, almost like different camera angles of the same shot. Learn why it's important to be able to do this yourself, and get an overview of a variety of popular gospel outlines.