How to run a Proxe station

Proxe Stations can do far more on your campus than you would expect...if they are coached well. Doug Schaupp shares the five key roles that should be in place for a fruitful Proxe Station, as well as one big warning.
Here's a list of all our available Pocket Proxes, including descriptions, downloadable scripts, and purchasing info. Pocket Proxes are handheld versions of InterVarsity's Proxe Stations, which are interactive displays that engage people in gospel conversations.
Engage your campus with conversations about what makes life "awesome" and how a life centered on Jesus is a life lived to the fullest.
The Awesome Campaign in action on campus
Everyone on campus fakes it in one way or another. Our "fakeness" actually hurts us and is a barrier in relating to God. This Fake Proxe Station is a full-fledged New Student Outreach campaign that invites all students to be real with each other and real with God.
The Fake Campaign in action on campus
College students are familiar with the red cup used at parties, but they may never have thought about it as representing their deeper thirsts. Talk with people about the physical thirsts and the internal thirsts we all have, and how we try to quench them ourselves.
The Red Cup On campus
Racial issues are present, to some degree or another, on most campuses. Race is not an easy issue, but the Hope Proxe brings a new perspective. We introduce Jesus into the conversation, and what he has to say about the situation as a reconciler.
The Hope Campaign in action on campus
As featured at Urbana '12, the Money Campaign is a synergy between justice, evangelism, and God's heart for the poor. In partnership with World Vision, we are bringing good news to campus about money, financial discipleship, and a practical gospel application of assembling caregiver kits.
Money Proxe in action on campus
Who would God vote for? The heightened politic climate on campus creates a great environment in which to engage students about the intersection of politics and faith. No need to order banners like other Proxe Stations: Download one PDF containing the entire Election Proxe today!
Republican elephant and Democrat donkey logos
The Who Will You Be Campaign asks seeking students about identity and aspirations, and tells the familiar story of one who left home to "live life to the fullest"...only to find true identity later.
Who Will You Be in action on campus
This is a Proxe Station that addresses the sources and solutions to evil in the world.
How Does Evil Invade Your Space