How to run a Proxe station

This is a Proxe Station that addresses the basic needs missing in people's lives. It also brings awareness to the needs of the world by addressing the needs of victims of human trafficking and our responsibility to meet those needs.
Also referred to as the "Sex Mattress," this is a Proxe Station that engages people in conversations about spirituality and sexuality, brings awareness to the issue of sex trafficking, and sheds light on how we often wrongly view sex as a commodity.
Female student leads peers in discussion at Satisfy Your Craving Proxe Station
A lot of Christians experience fear when it comes to sharing the gospel with their peers on campus. Watch as Kyle, a student from the University of Northern Iowa, shares his story of how God helped him go from fearing evangelism to embracing it.
Kyle shares the gospel with a fellow University of Northern Iowa student
With a short training beforehand, Campus Staff Member Steve Lambert had the opportunity to try out a Pocket Proxe on the University of Wisconsin - Madison campus during Orientation for New Staff 2011. Watch the short video for a list of ways Steve found the Pocket Proxe helpful.
InterVarsity began developing Proxe Stations in the mid-2000s, and Proxes have been gaining popularity as an evangelistic strategy ever since. Read six ways God is using Proxe Stations to help students meet Jesus, as well as encourage the staff and student leaders who run the Proxes on their campuses.