Holy Conversation [Book Recommendation]

God is back on the agenda.

Today’s students are fascinated by spirituality, and they have lots of questions. Who better to talk with them than Christians? If you’re like many believers, you simply don't know how to talk about your faith. You know what people don’t need—a sales pitch, a sermon, or an information dump—but you’re unsure how to express your faith naturally.

In Holy Conversation, Richard Peace teaches how to engage in easy and comfortable conversation about the good news of Jesus—the pressure is off. Using small, easy steps, he explains the gospel in plain language and encourages you to share your faith with friends, neighbors, and classmates in practical ways.

Written as a guide for small groups, Holy Conversation is divided into 12 weekly sessions (other options are provided). Not only do group members read about holy conversation, they actually engage one another in spiritual conversation.

This is the ideal resource for helping you become a competent and confident Christian conversationalist!

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