Real Life [Book Recommendation]

What does it mean to follow Jesus? And how should we help others become more like him?

Once upon a time, being a Christian seemed clear. Say these words, pray these prayers, do these things. But out in the real world, following Jesus feels more nebulous. What's the point?

That's Stephen's struggle in these pages as he wonders if he has missed his calling. In this compelling narrative, James Choung explores what it means to follow Jesus in the real world. Is Christianity something you just believe in, or can it be something you actually live out?

Engineer Stephen wants to encourage his younger colleague Jared in his spiritual journey, but both feel at a loss.

Stephen's friend Bridget offers insights on how Boomers, Xers, Millennials, and younger generations approach spiritual questions, with implications for discipleship, community, and service. Together, they walk through deepening stages of faith as they discern how God is calling them to live. Watch a short video of the "Real Life Continuum."

Join Stephen, Bridget, and Jared on their journey of following Jesus, as they discover what it means to move from skeptic to world-changer. And find new pathways for Christian discipleship and disciplemaking in a world yearning for hope.

What InterVarsity staff are saying about Real Life:

"Practical, wise, inspiring. James Choung is a gifted storyteller. Real Life: A Christianity Worth Living Out teaches biblical principles in discipleship via an entertaining story about Stephen, a young professional who desires to see God’s presence in the everyday realities of his family, vocation, and relationships. Choung introduces the 'Real Life Continuum,' an extremely helpful framework for the discipleship journey.” — Alec Hill, president, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA

"In fresh, clear, 'talking to you straight' language, Choung tells an intriguing story to encourage people who want more in their spiritual life. He paints a compelling and accessible picture of what a full life in Christ looks like. He explains the dynamics we see but can’t quite put into words—and then he goes on to give insightful, practical, and compelling next steps. He connects elusive topics such as race, power, and privilege with familiar ones such as prayer, Scripture study, and church. An excellent resource for those wanting more in their experience with God and for leaders of faith communities! A surprisingly powerful book, crammed into a small, readable package.”— Nikki Toyama-Szeto, program director, Urbana Student Missions Conference

"Real Life changes the paradigm for disciplemaking the way True Story pushed evangelism beyond the bridge diagram. Choung weaves an engaging story with helpful data, explains cultural and generational values and shifts, and moves us into the core spiritual questions of each generation. Real Life asks readers to consider disciplemaking as part of integrated Christian life and leadership in community without separating it from evangelism. I’m excited to see how the church will live and grow after reading Real Life.” — Kathy Khang, multiethnic director, Great Lakes West Region, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

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