Witness Essentials [Book Recommendation]

You know firsthand the radical difference the gospel of Jesus Christ makes, and you want others to see and enjoy its benefits for a lifetime. It’s not enough for your friends and family to just pray a prayer and move on to the next interesting thing. You want them to sink their roots deeply into the grace of God.

So often, though, the lie of inadequacy and fears of failure creep in: You don't know enough or will offend your friends. Daniel Meyer, in his book Witness Essentials, has provided the tools you need to move forward:

  • The basics of the gospel message
  • The role of life change in our witness
  • How to present the good news

Missional leadership specialist Reggie McNeal describes Witness Essentials: “This book will sneak up on you. Its richness and range just won't let it be easily categorized. Want some early church history? How about some current information on the expansion of the church worldwide? Need some help with apologetics? Maybe you need some inspiration? Or practical help in knowing how to have spiritual conversations with others? Yep--all that, and more, is in these pages.”

The Bible studies, exercises, and readings in this book will deepen your personal faith and equip you to minister to others with a new sense of confidence and calling. Consider using this book as a 12-session study with new Christians who've just gone through Launch together.

Don’t miss the adventure of pointing people toward Jesus!

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