January NSO

The campus door is closed, but God is opening other doors in online ministry. Believe it or not, online ministry can be as fruitful as face-to-face ministry. We will help you invite a team of students to each play their role in January NSO. Please note that this toolkit is intended for InterVarsity staff. 

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Two Ministry Doors

In our 6-week series, you will learn to explore two different approaches to outreach.

Online Ministry 101 is like your NSO table in the quad. Using Instagram, you will follow as many students as possible, and use our training to help strangers become members.

Online Ministry 201 is then like adding a proxe station. You will use Insta-Proxes to help your students engage those who are spiritually apathetic, and God-willing, you will see conversions and ministry growth!

Play your Role

Every role in InterVarsity is crucial for JNSO fruitfulness and success.


Area Directors

Cast the vision of hope.
Help staff and students overcome the disappointments of all the “shut doors,” and help them become more resilient. For extra credit, you should join coaching circles and help everyone grow in their important missional skills.


Equip the saints.
You take our comprehensive JNSO system, and give the students baby-steps. By owning the complexities, you will set the students free to take courageous missional risks.


Be brave.
Take new risks to reach your isolated peers.


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