2+ Prayer Cards

2+ Cards help make prayer a natural part of our everyday life. They remove roadblocks between us and our desire to pray, and they fuel mission by inviting us to focus our prayers on our not-yet believing friends. Here’s how they work:

Daily Spiritual Transactions 

We’re used to opening our wallets as part of financial transactions: buying coffee and meals, or paying for bills. At the same time, we encounter many psychological, imaginary, and real roadblocks to spending our time praying.

2+ cards fit inside our wallets - each time we make a financial transaction, they invite us to make a spiritual one as well.

See, Listen, and Ask

God has already put people in our lives that he wants us to pray for. The first panel of the card invites us to name six non-Christian friends we see on a regular basis.

The second panel invites us to ask God to answer two questions: which two do you want me to focus my prayer on, and how do you want me to pray for them?

Follow Their Journeys

The third panel, and the entire back-side of the card asks us to think about what Thresholds our friends might be in. The Five Thresholds map the journey our friends take from being non-believing to following Jesus, and knowing where they might be helps us pray more specifically for our friends. 

Praying in Community 

A common barrier to everyday prayer is not having support and encouragement. The fourth panel asks us to specifically name:

  • How often we want to pray for our friends each week.

  • Who will give us encouragement support.

  • What actions we will take to start spiritual conversations with our friends.


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