How to Use 5T Survey with Reveal Cards

Urbana's Reveal Cards blend art & faith in order to start spiritual conversations. Here's how to use them. To learn more, go to The art was created by Shin Maeng, @shinhappens. Hear stories of students using Reveal Cards @myreveal.
Step 1: Invite someone to have conversation about art and faith:

Hey, check out these images! They reveal the pain and beauty of our world. Which piece stands out to you? …I’d love to hear your thoughts about this image and the Biblical quote it’s connected to. Are you interested?

Step 2: Read through the discussion questions on both sides of the Reveal Card:

  • Art + discussion questions on the front
  • Bible quotes + discussion questions on the back
The last discussion question on the Bible quote side on each of the 4 Reveal cards point to The Big Story and the invitation to faith on that card.

Step 3: Read the gospel summary in order (1, 2, 3, and 4) and Invite the person to follow Jesus or take a next step of faith (read the orange text):

“Would you like to follow Jesus? Or would you like to take a different step towards faith?”

Step 4: Go to the survey.

If someone says they’d like to take a different step towards faith or know more about what that is, then you flip the card over to show the Exploring Faith Survey.
Once they get to the Survey, the Christian should:
  1. Hand the card/phone to their friend and say the explanation/questions on the card (read the blue then orange text).
  2. Let the non-Christian pick where they are and ask a followup questions: “Why did you pick that?” or “Tell me more about that.”

Step 5: Invite to a next step.
After they discuss the questions underneath a particular threshold, there should be an action step or invitation to a next step.
Look at the corresponding threshold on to find next steps, especially for Threshold 3 (Open), Threshold 4 (Searching), and Threshold 5 (Following). 

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