Launch Small-Group Leaders Give Their Reviews

If you're thinking about using Launch with new Christians on your campus, here's some positive feedback to consider... 


Here's a short clip about how the staff and student leaders at San Diego State University have used and loved Launch since it debuted in fall 2010:



For more videos from InterVarsity staff, check out what each session creator had to say about why their session is useful to study with new Christians.

Social Media

InterVarsity staff have shared some of their enthusiasm in a staff-only Facebook group. Here's a peek inside:

Audrey Puah, on staff in California, relays a quote from another staff with whom she'd shared Launch:


Rachel Kuhn, also in California, recommended Launch to a student leader before there were even new believers to use it yet(!): 


(To hear the amazing story about Tori and her volleyball team, read God Shows Up on the Volleyball Bus.)


InterVarsity chapters in California certainly have a lot of new Christians to disciple using Launch, but here's some feedback from the middle of the country and the east coast as well...

Rachel Gregg, a student leader in her chapter in Michigan, had this to say:

"I really like how specific the Leader's Notes are. This is a really great tool, not only for discipling new Christians, but also for giving hands-on training to new leaders."

Greg Johnson, an InterVarsity area director in Rhode Island, sent his praise via email:

"I just gave a call to faith on Wednesday and there were two new Christians at one of my schools. It is so awesome to have Launch because now students are empowered to follow up! I am so much more confident about how this is going than before Launch. Thanks for all your hard work, it has paid off and will continue to do that."

Have you seen God build a strong foundation for new Christians when you've lead a Launch group? Leave your feedback in a comment below.