Christians are Hypocrites

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Priests abusing kids. Megachurch leaders misusing finances. Christian students partying on Saturday night and heading to church Sunday morning. Christians treating homosexuals hatefully. Youth pastors addicted to pornography. Christian families breaking up. The list could go on. If Jesus transforms lives and if he was raised from the dead, why do his followers seem to blend in with everyone else? In fact, aren't they more evil because they claim to have found “real life” and a transforming worldview?


  • You can judge the validity of a religion by its followers’ actions
  • Christians should look and live differently.
  • Christians should live without contradiction to their Christian faith/teachings.
  • Christianity should make a visible impact on those who claim to believe it.

Talking Points

  • “I’m sorry. You are so right: We are.”
  • “Is there something specific that brings this issue up for you?”
  • “It is irritating isn’t it? Mostly, I wish I were more consistent. So does my family…”
  • “Have you figured out how to follow what you believe 100% of the time? I cannot seem to!” “How do you do it?”
  • The truth of Christianity is based on the person of Jesus and not how well the followers of Jesus live out his teaching.
  • Christian’s inability to live like a Christian does not invalidate Christianity.
  • Basis of Christianity people are broken people
  • Christians should be more hypocritical…because it attracts more sinful and broken people.

The Hammer Analogy

Think of it this way: If I go out and pound dents into your car with a hammer, would you blame the hammer or blame me?

Dude, the hammer is 'not guilty'!"

As a believer, I am often embarrassed at reading media accounts of Christians behaving badly. Doing harm to others in the name of God is one of the worst forms of abuse.

But the guilty party here is the person who misuses religion, not religion itself. Just as you wouldn't blame the hammer, don't blame religion.

Just to round off the point, I might say, "The proper use of a hammer would be to pound nails for Habitat for Humanity, a Christian organization that recently completed its 500,000th home for low income people.

Now THAT'S how to use a hammer!"

Borrowed from Rick Mattson’s Elevator Apologetics Part 1: Don't blame the hammer.


Where have you seen Christianity be used for good?

Share an example in a comment below.

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