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Do Your Christian Beliefs Make Any Difference?

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Many people do not see how having faith in Jesus or being a Christian truly makes someone different in a positive way. People involved in Christian activities and those not involved seem to be the same, so Christianity must not make that much of a difference. Students experience this as true as they see the Christians around them gossiping, partying, sleeping around, not exercising compassion or care toward others or the environment, etc.


  • Having belief or faith does not matter; it doesn’t make any difference.
  • Belief is weak and doesn’t do anything.
  • People’s lives have not been transformed by their Christian beliefs, so faith doesn’t matter. I need to see transformed lives in order to believe that faith does matter.

Talking Points

  • What does a transformed life look like? How should Christians look?
    • To me, a transformed life is when someone changes their actions and attitudes as they learn about Jesus. They grow in compassion as they learn about God’s compassion; they care more about others and not just themselves.
    • To me, a transformed life is when someone’s view of themselves changes as they learn about God. For example, they have more confidence because they know they are loved and have worth, they realize their selfishness, etc.
  • Here's an example of what transformation looks like in my life as I have learned what it means to have faith in Jesus...
  • If you don’t think belief or Christianity make a difference, what do you think does transform lives?
  • How have you seen lives transformed? What caused that?
  • Christians have been a part of every great social change in America (women’s rights, race relations, civil rights, etc.)
    • There are many stories of people whose lives have been changed and have created change because of their belief in God: William Wilberforce, Martin Luther King, Jr., Gary Haugen from International Justice Mission, Habitat for Humanity.

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What are some ways you have seen your Christian beliefs make a positive difference? Share your experience in a comment below.

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My conversion to

My conversion to Christianity, literally changed my life. I was about eleven years old when I started studying witchcraft. It was just fun and nonsense at first. Then I started worshipping Goddesses and Gods. My twin sister admired me for my talents, but never practiced the art of witchcraft. It was summer 2012, when the London Olympics were being held, that me and my sister found my mum's old school Bible. After reading it, we were moved by the love and compassion Jesus gave, and so we both converted. Immediantly I threw away my candles, and ripped up my witchcraft book that I'd written.

A couple of weeks ago, (I'm now 14) I found my old diary. I was reading a bit about how my younger self was saying cruel, horrible stuff about the girls in my class. I was taken aback. I'd never dream of saying that now. It shocked me to see how much my personality had changed, during my conversion to Christianity. Once I was an eleven year old, sorceress who literally worshipped the Devil. I was cruel and heartless. Now as a fourteen year old, I live in Jesus, I'd like to think myself as much more loving and caring. I've found my humanity.

So yes, I believe that converting to Christianity has changed the way I was. I'm a different person now.

Caitlyn, This is amazing!


This is amazing! Thank you for sharing!