How to lead a GIG

This handbook will show you how to guide a God-focused investigation with the purpose of finding out more about Jesus from the Bible and helping your friends become his followers. Download the GIG Guide as a PDF for use on tablets, smartphones, and computers, or purchase hard copies from the InterVarsity Store.
Cover image of GIG Guide 2014
The purpose of this Bible study is to take you in-depth through Galatians 5:22-23. These two verses talk about “the fruit of the Spirit.” Each one of these studies will focus on one of the listed “fruits.” You can do them in any order.
Fruit of the Spirit GIG
This study on Genesis is a 25-part study and can be done in its entirety or leaders can pick which parts they want to go through. Doing this over an entire semester would be helpful because of its length.
Genesis GIG
This study will take you through the book of Ruth a chapter at a time. The book Ruth tracks the human emotions of despair, providence, culture, and control. The characters in Ruth must face these emotions and look to see how God is involved in each of them.
Ruth GIG
This is a 12 part study that goes through different passages of the bible and art pertaining to them. Questions for the study tie together the passage to the art piece and bring together thought-provoking questions on their relation.
Art and the Bible
While Jesus was on Earth he often spoke in parables; analogies. These analogies are used to communicate a certain lesson to a select group while it still remains hidden to others. This 10-part series will go through different parables Jesus said throughout the Bible.
Parables of Jesus
There are over one million international students in the U.S. Are you friends with one of them? Watch this video to find out why and how to investigate God with them.
Can someone who is not yet fully in relationship with Jesus actually lead other non-Christians in an evangelistic Bible study? Though that's not usually the case in InterVarsity, God colored outside the lines to bring one seeking student to himself this way.
Jen Wojtysiak with friends from college
This study takes participants through Jesus' walk to the cross and the sacrifice he made there for humanity. You will study how prophesies from the Old Testament were fulfilled when Jesus died on the cross and their significance. (John 19:16-37 and Exodus 12:1-13)
This a GIG for those who may have rejected God and/or believe they are far from God, but have a desire to come to know Jesus once again. This study looks at the Prodigal Son who returns home to the love of the Father. (Luke 15:11-32)