How to pray and fast

2+ Prayer Cards are a practical way to make evangelistic prayer a natural part of everyday life. Learn the whys and hows of using this simple tool, then watch God stretch your faith and change your friends once you start using 2+ Prayer regularly.
Here are four examples of guided listening prayer prompts.
This is a step-by-step article on guided listening prayer -- both for Christians and for those who don’t yet follow Jesus.
Listening to God can feel like an intimidating task. We’re often encouraged to go to a quiet place and to wait. But when we go, for some of us, nothing happens. The heavens don’t part, the glory cloud does not come down to rest on our souls. Instead, in the silence, the pulse in our ears start to beat like jungle drums, and we wonder if we’re spiritual at all.
Biblical Prayer
What if we, as Christians, could give our friends who don’t yet know Jesus a chance to experience God for themselves? Could we possibly be getting out of the way so God can speak directly to our friends who don’t yet know Him?
Listening Prayer
Find sample prayers to help you pray for friends as they enter the different stages of their journey to Christ.
"I discovered years ago, as somebody broke the silence with their heartfelt prayer, that if a community asks God to work in the lives of others, God does so." Luke Cawley, IFES staff in the U.K., shares easy-to-implement tips to make outward-focused prayer a priority in your chapter.
College students praying together
Watch Kristina Crosetto share her story of wrestling with healing prayer and Jesus' declaration in John 14:12, that "anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father."
Have you been praying for a long time for a friend or family member to know Jesus as their savior? Rachel had been too...and it didn't seem like God was following through on his end of the deal.
Looking for a simple way to engage your InterVarsity chapter (or even just yourself) in the advancement of God's kingdom? Try praying through this country-by-country resource and watch hearts grow for the nations.
Operation World