How to pray and fast

Looking for a simple way to engage your InterVarsity chapter (or even just yourself) in the advancement of God's kingdom? Try praying through this country-by-country resource and watch hearts grow for the nations.
Operation World
Trace the powerful legacy of spiritual awakening that began with the founding of the earliest colleges in the United States to a global movement of student prayer spreading across campuses today.
God on Campus
Discover an ancient Christian practice that includes more than giving up food.
A prayer walk is an interactive way you can take spiritual authority and do the critical task of interceding for your campus. It’s an on-site prayer meeting that has a way of stirring up ideas, insights, and faith in those who are gathered, in a way that sitting in a room may not. Follow the four main suggestions to start a campus prayer walk ASAP.
Praying hand plus walking feet
To be an effective prayer minister on your campus, you need to understand what your campus’ spiritual situation truly is, so that you can follow Jesus’ example and ask for God’s intervention in the situations happening around you. Learn how to grow your awareness for the spiritual battle on your campus, and how to exercise your spiritual authority as you intercede in that battle.
If you have friends and family whom you’d like to accept Christ as their Savior, you can add power to your witness by praying Scripture over them. Each of the 11 prayers ask God to move in the life of the person you’re praying for in a specific way, and they each closely paraphrase a relevant Scripture passage.
If you'd like to see your small group grow in evangelistic prayer, try 2+ Prayer Cards combined with this five-minute exercise at each weekly gathering. Over time, your small group will see God change lives in response to their missional prayers.
In this video from Urbana 2009, Sunder Krishnan shows you how you can turn cliché prayers into bold prayers that call into being what God has promised. At 25 minutes, it's longer than the average funny-cat video on YouTube, but you won't regret the time spent watching and being encouraged!
Sunder Krishnan speaking at Urbana 2009