Pray and Fast

I have a friend who isn’t yet a Christian. If we have time for an extended conversation, it will usually turn toward spiritual things. He’s spiritually curious. For the past couple of years, he still goes to church almost every week, and for a season, we were even in the same small group. He’s heard the Gospel again and again.

But he still won’t commit his life to Jesus.

Today, many people pass through the same five distinct stages on their journeys to Jesus: from distrust to trust, from complacent to curious, from being closed to change in their lives to being ope

Twenty seconds in, somebody started shouting. It was unexpected. I had just asked for silence. But this person just couldn't contain themselves. I had never experienced people being so affected by the message of Jesus that they simply couldn't keep their mouths shut.

Kristina Crosetto, on staff in Los Angeles, shares her story of wrestling with healing prayer and Jesus' declaration in John 14:12, that "anyone who has faith in m