Additional Proxe Campaigns Resources

A visual conversation starter meant to reach out to creative persons through a mural display of the stories of Jesus and of artists creating.

Share the gospel via the lens of the racial injustice issues highlighted by Black Lives Matter and Black on Campus

All of us wrestle with questions of direction and purpose for our future. Discipleship, Asian American Ministres, Evangelism: Tri-Sponsored

Let's communicate God's welcoming love through our lives, and make sure that people know about God's invitation to them.

What's on your bucket list? What's on your spiritual bucket list? Have you ever asked yourself this?

A desire for relationships is part of our human experience. Jesus wants to be part of those relationships.

InterVarsity engages students about their identity and aspirations through a story of someone who left home.

The Awkward Campaign will help you disciple students as bridge builders, turning awkward situations into bridges to the gospel.`

Financial Stewardship. Justice. Evangelism. God's heart for the poor. Help bring good news about our lives and money to campus!`