The 5 Thresholds Network Map

Learn to see your networks on campus through God's eyes. These aren't just random people you happen to intersect with while you go about your daily life. God has put them in your life for a reason, and you have some role to play in their lives, and they have a role to play in yours.

Take a look at the sample network map below. The chart shows the main places this person spends time and the people they encounter there regularly. The colors indicate which of the Five Thresholds each person is in currently, giving a picture of where God is at work.

Click here or the image below to download the sample network map as an 8.5x11 PDF.

Five Thresholds of Conversion Network Map

Create Your Five Thresholds Network Map

Now, think about the places you frequently go—your dorm floor, a particular class building, an extracurricular club—and the relationships you have there. Take a few minutes to pray for God to open your eyes and show you the places and people he wants you to see.

On a blank piece of paper, put yourself in the middle, and add the places God has put on your heart. Then, mark each person down and make your best guess as to which threshold they are in.

  • What does your network map show you about the relationships you have on campus?
  • Are you surprised by how many people you know or which threshold they're in?
  • What is one next step you can take now that you've seen your network through God's eyes?