The Bible Is Sexist Toward Women

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No one who reads through the Bible can ignore the blatant misogyny and barbarity toward women. There are examples of sexism toward women in both the Old and New Testament, and Christians today still use those scriptures to oppress women.


  • The 12 disciples were all male- if Jesus were really revolutionary he would have invited women into his inner circle.
  • Men have used scripture to oppress women and continue to do so in many churches. Women can also be misogynistic because they believe that they are not valued as much as men in scripture and in the church.

Talking Points

  • Asking questions will be supremely helpful to understand where the person is coming from and if the questions are legitimate or “smokescreens” for other issues they have but don’t feel comfortable sharing about.
  • Help the person to understand the cultural context of Jesus choosing 12 male disciples rather than including women.
  • Jesus’ interactions with women broke cultural norms and communicated God’s love for all people. Point to examples of Jesus and his disciples crossing gender barriers (John 4- Jesus speaking with the women at the well, Luke 24- women were the first to see Jesus after his death and were the first ones to announce his resurrection)
  • Acknowledge the injustice of men using scripture to oppress women and women being misogynistic because believing these false things about how God views women.
  • God’s use of women strategically in the Old and New Testament. Point to historical examples of women who were affirmed by the church in their ministry (Priscilla, Lydia, Proverbs 31 woman).
  • Affirm their passion for equality and justice, and speak prophetically that it is a God-given passion and that he desires to use the person to bring justice in the world.

Additional Resources

What are some other passages in scripture where you see Jesus being counter cultural toward how society views women?

Share a passage in a comment below.

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