Come to the Party (5 Sessions in Luke)

These studies in Luke are designed for our not-yet Christian freinds to see how those Jesus interacted with came to believe in him.

This pack of five studies includes the manuscripts for:

Each PDF above contains the Scripture passage and a Leader's Notes page.

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Instructions for the leaders are in italics. Specific questions to use during the study are in bold, and are included in the PDFs listed above.

Read & Discuss: 

  • Read the passage out loud. 
  • Give a few minutes of quiet for each person to read the story again on their own and note things that are interesting or confusing. 
  • Ask open ended questions that keep the conversation focused on the passage. 
    • In your own words, how would you describe each of the characters? 
    • How does Jesus interact with the people in this story? 
    • What do you find surprising or troubling? 
    • What does the story communicate about God? 
  • Let the scripture speak for itself and don’t worry about coming to agreement or answering all your friends’ questions.

Testify & Invite: 

  • Share a story of how Jesus has been real to you. To prepare, ask the Holy Spirit to show you what part of your story your friend needs to hear. Consider: 
    • What character in the passage do you identify with? Why? 
    • How has Jesus touched your life and brought healing? 
    • How has Jesus answered your questions or resolved your doubts? 
  • Do you relate to my story or to one of the characters in the passage? 
  • Ask them to pick a need, struggle, or situation in their life that they can invite Jesus to interact with, e.g. What’s an area of life where you have “run out of wine”?
  • What do you think Jesus might want you to do?

Pray & Watch: 

  • I realize it might be new to you to talk to Jesus directly, but let’s ask him to interact with your life as he did in the scripture story. Give your friend the option to pray out loud or silently. 
  • Finish by praying out loud in a natural way for the areas shared. 
  • Trust God to get involved in your friend’s life. Remember God’s role and our role in evangelism: 
    • We testify and make invitations.
    • Jesus reveals himself as the one who knows them and offers his living water. 
  • In a few days, ask them how Jesus responded to your prayers. 
  • As you see God speaking to your friend, take a risk to invite them to become a follower of Jesus, e.g. It looks like Jesus is pursuing you. Would you like to say yes to following him?