Follow-up Makes Disciples

Faith decisions are extremely important, life-changing moments of great significance for any person (Lk 15:10, Col 1:13-14). With good follow-up, we can help people beyond the infant stages of discipleship.  We can help them become disciples, laying solid foundation for a lifetime journey of trusting Jesus in all things.  Following up with new believers helps us to do that faithfully and lovingly.

In Matthew 28:19-20, we are not just called to help people to make decisions about following Jesus, although making decisions are important. We are called to make disciples. Following up on decisions of faith is essential to faithful Kingdom Work. It’s a part of making disciples. There are times when perhaps following up on decisions is not possible (for example, a large gathering where people don’t provide contact info), but where possible, it is paramount.


  1. Increases likelihood that a faith decision will translate into a new kingdom lifestyle.

  2. Helps clarify what kind of decisions people are making. The truth is, no matter how clear the call to faith is, there are going to be mixed reasons for why people are responding.

  3. Helps increase the likelihood that the new believers are going to integrate into the broader community of faith.

  4. When we follow up with new believers, it increases our ownership in the conversion-discipleship process. Follow-up helps increase the spiritual leadership of students in the lives of the responding students.

  5. Holds a witnessing community accountable to discipleship beyond the call to faith. It can be all too easy to just settle for a decision.

  6. Follow up helps new believers to process their faith decision. Often times people are not totally sure, explicitly, why they responded. Follow-up helps new believers clarify for themselves why they responded.