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The Big Story is a gospel presentation tool designed to lead others to make a decision for Jesus Christ and join his mission to heal the world.

The Big Story sums up the plot points of the larger story in which we live and breathe. It leads us through four worlds - designed for good, damaged by evil, restored for better, and sent together to heal - that follow the biblical narrative of creation, fall, redemption, and mission.

The story can be told like this: The world, our relationships, and each of us were designed for good, but all of it was damaged by evil because of our self-centeredness and inclination to seek our own good above others'. But God loved the world too much to leave it that way, so he came as Jesus. He took everything evil with him to death on the cross, and through his resurrection, all of it was restored for better. In the end of time, all will be fully restored, but until then, the followers of Jesus are sent together to heal people, relationships, and the systems of the world.

Used across the US and the world, in elite academic institutions to rural and urban communities living in poverty, the Big Story speaks to a global awareness of the brokenness and sin in our world, and it points to the hope and redemption that we all long for. Thousands have come to follow Jesus because the gospel was presented to them in this way.


World 1: The world and all that's in it was designed for good.

World 2: We—and the world—were damaged by evil.

World 3: Jesus came to restore the world and everything in it to what God intended.

World 4: Jesus invites us to join him and his community to heal the world.

At the end, there is the opportunity to respond based on which of the four worlds the person perceives him or herself in currently and what they would like to do about it.



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The Big Story gospel presentation booklet is small and user friendly with concise dialogue and helpful graphics. It's written so that it can be given to someone to read on their own, but is also useful for evangelism training and memorizing the outline to present on the fly. (Comes in bundles of 25).