Teaching Resources

5T Training Powerpoint

This presentation includes key questions to help us understand and act on each threshold:

  • How do we build trust?
  • How do we stoke curiosity?
  • How do we encourage openness?
  • How can we clarify others’ spiritual journeys?
  • How do we invite others?
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Leader’s Study Guide

This study guide was created to be used in a small group setting. It features six studies that go alongside the Five Threshold video series, and offers scripture summaries and discussion questions to lead our small group members to using the Five Thresholds in their everyday evangelism. The end of each study features an action that our small groups can take.

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Discipleship Cycles Sheet

This document contains six discipleship cycles for our small group members to understand and apply the Five Thresholds into everyday evangelism. In a discipleship cycle, we:

  1. Hear the Word and explore how Jesus built trust, stoked curiosity, and made invitations of the people he interacted with.
  2. Respond Actively and take a step in having spiritual conversations with our friends.
  3. Debrief and Interpret together by sharing how our evangelism experiences went, and the ways we are growing.

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