There's No One Way to Live Your Life

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The college campus is flooded with worldviews. A lot of people naturally conclude that it is arrogant for anyone to think their worldview is absolutely true, and that it is especially rude and close minded to suggest there is “one way” to God.

Talking Points

  • Say something like, “Isn’t it equally arrogant to assume there isn’t one way to live your life.”
  • Say “isn’t the idea that it is pushy to push a world view a world view that you are pushing?” And a pretty confused one, because it says nothing can be true, and says it like it’s true.
  • This tendency to use the idea that “there is no one way to live your life” as a truth to judge other people by reveals something about us. We humans have an impulsive need to judge things, and this need composes a strong argument that we have an innate sense of justice, meaning, and purpose.
  • Point out that if you try to homogenize all world views, pretending that they are all the same, that does violence to the particular qualities of each world view.
  • Be humble, and admit that Christianity does make truth claims, but at the same time Christians are encouraged to run away from arrogance as hard as possible, that we are asked to see ourselves as the worst person in order to lift others up, so as far as I can tell, Christianity is the least arrogant of all possible world views.
  • But don’t just say it prove it. Let them know that you are trying to root arrogance out of your life, and that it is challenging but worth it. Ask them if they have seen you be arrogant, and let them know that you want to apologize and grow. Let them know about how Jesus has been a doctor to you in the process of overcoming arrogance.

Additional Resources

What are some ways where you have had friends, God or others help in your own experience of arrogance?

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