Why Is There So Much Hatred and Violence in the World?

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Many of you may have experienced a conversation where someone says, “How can you believe in a God who allows so much hurt and pain in the world.” And many of you, including myself may have responded with something like this, “Because people are inherently bad and we have an evil nature. God doesn’t do this we do.” Although this is technically the correct answer, this often doesn’t fully satisfy students in today’s culture wondering about this issue. These students are often the activists on campus, the ones that are passionate about justice, who want change, they have a sensitive nature and care deeply for people. Because of that, your answer should include discussion about God as a sensitive and caring God. A God who is aware of the problems, aware of the hatred and violence, and a God who is doing something about it. The truth is that the world is broken and man is trying to fix it himself. The problem is that man is broken.


  • God must be a monster to allow these things to happen.
  • A God who is truly loving would have created a world void of hatred and violence.
  • God is not personally involved in the affairs of world.

Talking Points

  • If God had created a world without violence, it also would have been a world without freedom. God in his love gave us the freedom to choose. Our freedoms have brought about a lot of the suffering apparent in the world.
  • God is personally involved in the affairs of the world. He entered this world as a human person and allowed himself to experience pain and suffering right along with us. His plan is to heal the world one day, for good, to take away all hatred and violence. Ultimately we don’t know why there is hatred and violence, but isn’t it better to go through life with God than without Him?
  • Jesus would give an answer like the story of the Good Samaritan. “Love your neighbor as yourself.” The man answers, “Who is my neighbor?” The problem is that we are selfish, we think about self, we try to define what we think is good, we choose what is best for us, not our neighbors. We don’t love our neighbors well.
  • God is not a monster, God is love. God is aware and cares. God takes all of the pain on himself and feels it all very deeply. He offers solutions to the brokenness instead of turning his back on it.
  • When using the four worlds, the part that really speaks to this question is when talking about relationships, God created us out of love to be in harmony with himself, we each other, and with the world around us. But we have been separated from God, destroyed relationships with each other and don’t live in harmony with the world because of our selfishness and brokenness.

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