Threshold 4: Seeking

Threshold 4 is where someone moves from simply being open to change to actually seeking after Jesus. People often begin by looking everywhere and investigating everything; Jesus is one of many options they’re exploring. We have the joy of focusing them in on Jesus and helping them ask him the questions they need answered in order to trust him.


In Mark 10:46-52, Jesus invites Bartimaeus to ask Jesus directly for what he's looking for."


OUR FRIENDS are asking spiritual questions but not looking at Jesus for the answers.

  • "When someone is truly seeking, there is an urgency and purpose to their searching. Even they feel that the time is ripe: they want answers to their questions, they want to come to some conclusions." (I Once Was Lost p. 86). 

OUR ROLE is to help them engage stories of Jesus and show them how Jesus engages their questions and longings (via bible study!). 

  • Invite your friend into a Bible Study GIG (Group investigating God) and help them answer their questions.


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