Threshold 5: Following

This is the wonderful moment when someone puts their trust in Jesus for the first time. As a friend, in Threshold 5 we can help them see how good Jesus and the kingdom of God are, as well as the cost involved in following Jesus. We also need to celebrate with them and continue to support them in their new journey of faith.


In John 4:27-42, Jesus reveals that he is the Messiah to the Samaritan woman, returns to her village and invites the villagers to meet Jesus for themselves."


OUR FRIENDS have not made a decision to follow Jesus yet..

  • "Urgency is an appropriate desperation for something or someone of great worth. Often when our friends have been seeking for some time and we snese that they are ripe and need to make a decision, we can ask them, explicitly and simply, to follow Jesus." (I Once Was Lost p. 108). 

OUR ROLE is to share the gospel and invite them to say yes to following Jesus. 

  • Watch how to share the Big Story, practice with a partner, and share it with your friend.



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