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The best way to reach skeptics and seekers online is through intriguing and vulnerable posts, with a clear invitation at the end. We call this winsome approach to outreach your “Insta-Proxe*.” Read how a real student, Brandi, put together her 4-part testimony**.


How would you vote in each panel?

500 of Brandi’s friends looked at this story. 50 people voted on the first panel, most kept reading, and at the end 23 friends voted on her invitation. Brandi DM’ed her friends and invited them to the first InterVarsity meeting of the year. 12 of her friends said yes!

It took Brandi 30 minutes to create this winsome testimony. 500 were touched by it. 50 were engaged by it. And 12 decided to act on it...that is incredible impact!

*Proxe is the InterVarsity word for any outreach that uses interactive art and honest conversation topics.

**Some Christians think testimony is your story of salvation. We believe testimony is any story of an encounter with God. 

Learn about our Insta-Proxes

Skeptics and seekers are responding powerfully to these two outreaches. Pick the honest conversation you want to host: 

Option 1: Jesus and Justice

Skeptics and seekers love this art about Jesus breaking the chains of injustice. Look carefully at the reactions to racism on the left side, check out Jesus crushing the head of the serpent, and see how the Holy Spirit empowers the people God to create justice. What catches your eye?

Students of all ethnic backgrounds are powerfully impacted by this outreach.

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Option 2: Jesus and our Most Real Selves

Skeptics and seekers love our invitation to be more real. They want to be completely honest with us about our insecurities and brokenness...this type of community is attractive. They are intrigued by the idea that Jesus could do that for us...we will help you use our Faking It insta-proxe.


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