GIG Handbook

What is a GIG?

A GIG is a Group Investigating God. It is an opportunity for two or more people to have a discussion flowing from a passage of Scripture. It is a time for friends to be together, ask questions, and talk honestly about their lives.

This handbook will show you how to guide a God-focused investigation with the purpose of finding out more about Jesus from the Bible and helping your friends become his followers.

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What You'll Find in the GIG Guide

The GIG Guide comprises four main sections:

Reaching Friends

  • The Lost Sheep Parable: Find inspiration in Luke 15:1-7.
  • Why Reach Out?: Read five reasons for sharing Jesus through a GIG.

The Basics

  • The First GIG: Look at Philip's example of studying scripture with the eunuch in Acts 8:26-40.
  • What is a GIG?: Find out who a GIG is for and what its purpose is.
  • Why the GIG?: Learn six reasons GIGs are effective evangelism tools.
  • Testimony: Read how studying the healing of the blind man in John 9 changed Tom's life.

How to Launch

  • Where Do We Start?: Think about the people you know who do not yet follow Jesus. For another tool to do this, check out The 5 Thresholds Network Map.
  • Developing Friendships: Learn how to pray for, care for, and share with two of your friends you identified in the previous chapter. 2+ Prayer Cards are a resource available for making this a habit.
  • Testimony: Read how Matt used his Spanish class as an opportunity to talk about Jesus and invite his classmate to do a GIG with him.
  • Inviting Your Friends: Identify and pray about your fears about inviting your friends to do a GIG with you. Brainstorm ways to bridge naturally to a spiritual concern. Find suggestions for making the invitation.
  • Getting Ready: Learn how to prepare spiritually and practically for a GIG study.

How to Lead

  • Leading a GIG: Find out what the typical structure of a GIG session includes, how to handle common challenges, and how to share the gospel using The Big Story gospel presentation and help your friend make a commitment to Jesus.
  • Plan Your Next Steps: Answer six questions to begin planning your first GIG.
  • Resources: Look over FAQs and four sample GIG studies.